Hydrogen Practice


Hydrogen is regarded as the energy carrier of the future and is also becoming increasingly important for the HVAC sector - especially in the context of the energy revolution. New devices and components are being used with the proportionate injection of hydrogen into the natural gas grid and the planning of hydrogen grids. From planning and installation to maintenance and servicing, questions and new task spectra arise. The forum "Hydrogen Practice in Dialogue" offers SHK actors the opportunity to deal directly with developments in the hydrogen field and to identify future fields of action.

As an exhibitor, use the special platform "Hydrogen Practice" at SHK ESSEN 2020 to present your innovative approaches and products to a broad specialist audience and interact with the specialist audience in theme workshops.

Your advantages

  • Prominent presentation of your innovative solutions and products centrally in the Galeria
  • Interaction with the specialist public in the context of workshops for the technical explanation of your products
  • Presentation of your solutions and products as part of a further field of application in the SHK sector


On-site services

  • Presentation area for exhibits and workshop participation

Media services

  • Company logo with link in the area "Hydrogen Practice" of SHK ESSEN and figawa Homepage
  • Catalog entry, entry in the app
  • E-media package of Messe Essen
  • Integration into the PR work of Messe Essen

Total package: 499,00 € (plus VAT)


You can find an overview of the participating exhibitors here .