From the Belgium/Netherlands Day to Modern Heating Technology: SHK ESSEN 2018 Offers Excellent Supporting Programme

With an informative supporting programme, SHK ESSEN will offer the trade visitors a particular value added. In this respect, attention will centre not only on practice-oriented suggestions for the everyday work but also on a special show about modern heating technology and several event days.

SHK ESSEN will be located centrally in the largest conurbation in Europe. Therefore, the guests at the fair will also include trade visitors from the neighbouring foreign countries. The Belgium/Netherlands Day on Wednesday, March 7 will be geared to them. This event day will invite both exhibitors and visitors to establish contacts across borders. A large number of companies will have information available in the national languages and, on this day, will deploy multilingual personnel on their booths.

FV SHK NRW Places Its Faith in a Specialist Forum with Lectures on Topical Subjects

The booth of the North Rhine-Westphalia Trade Association for Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning (FV SHK NRW) will be the meeting place for sanitation, heating and air conditioning (SHK) entrepreneurs, people working in honorary capacities, managers and fitters. Sound information about topical subjects as well as new ranges of digital services offered by the association organisation will await the SHK practitioners in Hall 2. In 2018, the "Specialist Forum for Planning and Execution" will be located directly next to the trade association's booth in Hall 2. It will offer compact lectures on topical subjects in the sector and will provide insights into the digital ranges and projects (keyword: "SHK expert") which the trade association offers for businesses and the SHK sectors.

In cooperation with Messe Essen, the trade association will offer bus sponsoring for the 59 guilds for the first time - exclusively for the organised visits which specialised guild businesses and their employees will make to SHK ESSEN. "We are hoping to create a value added for guilds and specialised businesses in this way. After all, it will include the comfortable journey from door to door and the possibility of jointly ordering tickets in advance in a convenient way," Hans-Peter Sproten, Managing Director of FV SHK NRW, described the advantages of the special offer. The registration deadline will be February 12, 2018.

Fitters Days on the Tuesday and the Friday with Product-Neutral Lectures

At the fair in 2018, there will be two Fitters Days for the first time. In each case on the Tuesday and Friday mornings, the trade association will expect SHK fitters to attend product-neutral lectures. "At the coming SHK ESSEN, we will offer two training days since we want to coordinate the onrush in the past years in a more targeted way and it is important to us to bring as many operatively active employees as possible up to the newest specialist status," explained Guido Bruzek, Technical Officer at FV SHK NRW and Coordinator Responsible for the Fitters Days. The programme will be the same on both days and will be imparted by independent specialists: Attention will focus on safe gas installations in view of the new Technical Rules for Gas Installations (TRGI), new regulations with regard to work on oil installations, fitting techniques for sealing sanitation objects according to the standard and the perennial issue of safety at work in day-to-day operations. Thereafter, every participant will receive a certificate and a small, high-value gift. Thus, the afternoon will be freely available for visits to the fair with their teams, with their bosses or on their own. A binding registration must be made in order to take part in one of the Fitters Days organised by FV SHK NRW. The offer is intended exclusively for employees of specialised SHK guild businesses from North Rhine-Westphalia. The head office will provide information. From January 29, 2018, it will be possible to retrieve all the information around the clock from www.shk-nrw.de/shk-essen.

The TRAINEES Lounge Awaits Schoolchildren and Trainees

Furthermore, attention will focus on the up-and-coming generation in the sector: For the third time in succession, the TRAINEES Lounge in Hall 2 next to the FV SHK NRW booth will be the meeting place for young people at SHK ESSEN. This time, the lounge will present itself in the outfit of the uniform national training initiative called TIME TO START. There, schoolchildren and trainees will be able to establish contacts and to obtain information about the diverse career paths in the skilled SHK trades. The final-year classes at mainstream schools and vocational colleges are being invited. Moreover, the young people will have the possibility of taking part in a rally across SHK ESSEN. "Of course, we will also be pleased about the visits made by people from training specialised businesses who, in the lounge, will be able to establish contacts to young people from their region or to pin up any job vacancies," affirmed Sproten. In 2018, the range on offer in the TRAINEES Lounge will be rounded off by advice islands about the training occupation of the installation mechanic for SHK technologies, an internship and training exchange, fitting competitions and a chill-out area. From January 29, 2018, all the information for teachers, guilds and specialised businesse will be available at www.shk-nrw.de/shk-essen.

BDH Provides Information about Trends in the Heating Market

Within the framework of its manufacturer-neutral special show in Hall 2, the Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH) will provide information about the status quo and future of modern heating technology. Apart from technologies which are established, available on the market and based on gas, oil, electricity and renewable energies, the special show will also take a look into the future. One main subject area will relate to digital heating systems which can be controlled using apps on mobile terminals. For the operator, this means a plus in comfort and additional energy-saving possibilities. Another subject will deal with systems which couple electricity and heat with each other, e.g. consisting of a photovoltaic installation, an electric heat pump and a battery store. Finally, the forum will offer information about the market development as well as about current political framework conditions.