SHK ESSEN Presents Itself as a Fair for Doers

From March 6 to 9, 2018, the sanitation, heating and air conditioning (SHK) sectors are congregating at SHK ESSEN at Messe Essen - for the first time, with a new sequence of days from Tuesday to Friday. 570 exhibitors from 15 nations are presenting their products and innovations at the first trade fair of the year for sanitation, heating, air conditioning and renewable energies in Germany. Thus, the sectoral platform rich in tradition is registering more exhibitors than last time. This year, attention is focusing, amongst other subjects, on digital and energy-efficient solutions for bathrooms, heating and air conditioning. The range on offer at the fair for doers is strongly oriented to the needs of the skilled trades. Furthermore, specialist planners and architects are also finding new products.

Amongst other questions, SHK ESSEN is concentrating on this one: How can skilled trades and industry jointly profit from digitalisation? On this subject, Hans Peter Sproten, Managing Director of the North Rhine-Westphalia Trade Association for Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning (FV SHK NRW) which is the ideal sponsor of the trade fair: "Today as well as in the future, the aim is and will be to unite innovation and specialist pragmatism. Advancing digitalisation is making it possible, in an ever more perfect form, to bring products and services to end customers. As the unique sectoral platform in Western Germany, SHK ESSEN is offering the best framework conditions for the joint exchange of ideas which is so important. Here, suppliers and users have the possibilities of taking a close look at innovations, entering into cooperation measures, also in relation to digitalisation and networking, and concluding deals immediately."

From the Wet Cell to the Feel-Good Location: The Bathroom as a Living Space

The sanitation industry is demonstrating its strengths in Halls 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12 at SHK ESSEN. According to the German Engineering Federation / Blue Responsibility and the Industry Forum for Sanitation, one trend is the development of the bathroom into a feel-good oasis: High-value and natural materials, warm colours and cosy accessories improve the quality of the time spent in the bathroom. Another topical subject relates to bathrooms which are suitable for different generations and are convenient to use in every phase of people's lives. The manufacturers are offering increased comfort with digital fittings for showers, bathtubs and washbasins: Amongst other functions, users can control the temperature and the water jet at the push of a button and save their desired settings. The range on offer also encompasses applications from installation technology as well as drinking water systems and drainage installations.

The heating industry is also represented at SHK ESSEN with its market leaders. A large number of manufacturers in Halls 1, 2 and 3 are presenting, amongst other products, digital solutions. According to the Federation of German Heating Industry, the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 15 percent by digitalising the heating technology. Because the heating always operates in the optimum range with a smart controller. The skilled trades are profiting from this, too: The installations connected with the specialised business via the Internet can be monitored, controlled and maintained from afar. In the event of a malfunction, the skilled tradesman can recognise the causes by remote diagnosis, react quickly and be optimally prepared when he drives to the service appointment at the customer's location.

Hybrid Heating Systems Lower the Energy Costs and Go Easy on the Climate

Another main focal point relates to hybrid heating systems which combine various energy carriers. These include, for example, highly efficient gas and oil condensing boilers, heat pumps or wood-fired boilers in combination with solar thermal energy. The installations lower the energy costs by utilising the most favourable energy carrier in each case and go easy on the climate by utilising renewable energies. Another important subject is the use of self-generated electricity from a photovoltaic installation for heating purposes. The Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH) is displaying the status quo of modern heating technology in its special show in Hall 2.

Not only sanitation and heating are awaiting the trade visitors to SHK ESSEN but also, amongst other products, a wide range of air conditioning and ventilation, refrigeration, pipes and components as well as installation technology on offer. The selection of tools and factory equipment has been widened. Moreover, there is an extensive available range of commercial and technical software for the sector.

Supporting Programme with Days for Visitors from Benelux and Fitters

SHK ESSEN is offering an attractive supporting programme. Experts are providing information about topical subjects in the sector every day in the Specialist Forum for Planning and Execution staged by FV SHK NRW in Hall 2. The association is luring the up-and-coming generation in the sector with the TRAINEES Lounge where tomorrow's doers can already establish contacts today. Furthermore, the Tuesday and the Friday are targeted specifically at fitters with product-neutral lectures. The Belgium/Netherlands Day on which a lot of exhibitors will have information available in their respective national languages and will deploy multilingual personnel will take place on the Wednesday of the fair. The Federation of German Heating Industry is displaying the latest heating trends in a special show in Hall 2. For the first time, the diverse programme is being rounded off by the guided tours of the fair "By Professionals for Professionals" which are taking place every day on changing subjects.

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