SHK ESSEN Presents New Living Trends

How do we want to live tomorrow? According to the 570 exhibitors at the SHK ESSEN trade fair at Messe Essen from March 6 to 9, no fewer than several trends will characterise the home of the future. At the very top of the list, there are the feel-good bathroom suitable for different generations, smart fittings and the digital heating system. The products and the fair innovations will include numerous digital and energy-saving solutions which will make living in your own four walls easier and more worth living. Because living value and quality of life depend on good sanitation, heating and ventilation technologies to a decisive extent.

The modern bathroom is stylish and functional - and does not have any green tiles. In the wake of the megatrend of health and rising body awareness, the consumers want to feel good in the bathroom according to the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau / Blue Responsibility and the Industrieforum Sanitär, and that in all the phases of life. With the Hansaemotion thermostat, the shower becomes a wellness experience. The system encompasses all the functions of a hot and cold water body treatment which has been complicated until now - at the touch of a button via three programs. With longer cold water intervals, the Recover program is particularly suitable for the regeneration of muscles after sport (Hall 12, 12A35).

When the Bathtub Becomes an Architectonic Highlight

Feeling good in the bathroom also means spending little time cleaning. More hygiene is ensured by innovative materials which are hardly susceptible to dirt. For example, the new WC generation called Square Perfection from the Japanese manufacturer TOTO scores points with its rimless design as well as a smooth and durable glaze. This protects the ceramic surface, makes the cleaning easier and leaves a shiny surface (Hall 10, 10A07). Anyway, the consumers like things to be easy-care and chic. For this purpose, the bathroom specialist Bette places its faith in glazed titanium-steel which is utilised in the freestanding bathtub called BetteLoft Ornament. In this way, the tub becomes an architectonic highlight (Hall 11, 11E02).

With its fully automatic softening system, the manufacturer JUDO promises entry into the world of perfect soft water. Because the optimum water quality varies depending on the situation and the preference. The JU Control app offers various scenarios which can be selected with your fingertip. Uniquely gentle skin care while showering? Filling the heating with maximally softened water? Watering the garden without softening? A fingertip is enough (Hall 9, 9C10/11). Comfortable all-round protection is permitted by the SYR app which encompasses no fewer than four areas: leakage protection, water treatment, hygiene control and heating monitoring. The end consumer controls the corresponding fittings using a smartphone or a tablet (Hall 6, 6E38).

Clean Water To Go

Bacteria and germs in drinking water can be a problem when travelling. The LEGIO.ball washbasin filter guarantees bacteria-free water on the move, too. The best-known application of the filter is on the tap of the washbasin. The ball is screwed on to the tap, directly or with additional adapters, and the microfiltration cartridge in the interior of the ball guarantees bacteria-free water. The appropriate adapters are available for nearly every tap. With service lives of up to 70 days, LEGIO.filters offer immediate protection in many fields - in industry and commerce, in private households, in care fields, in the highly sensitive clinic field as well as in the travel and leisure fields (Hall 10, 10A03).

"Alexa, I am cold." Four words could soon be enough to change the room temperature. Because intelligently networked household appliances are the new trend in your own home. Of course, the ÖkoFEN pellet heating system can also be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone or a tablet. The new operating panel even permits voice control with smart home loudspeakers. For example, voice commands can be used in order to change the room temperature at will or to inquire about how many pellets are still in stock (Hall 3, 3C40).

A Lot of Light and No Shadow: Heating with Solar Energy

The Picea system is energy storage, heating support and residential ventilation in one compact product. The energy produced with a photovoltaic installation on sunny days can either be used straight away or it is converted into hydrogen and stored. This energy can be retrieved once again at night or also in the winter time with little sunshine. A fuel cell converts the energy stored in hydrogen back into electrical energy and heat as needed (Hall 2, 2B33).

"Heating without radiators" is the motto of Sokotherm. The skirting board heating system is convincing due to its modern design and energy-reduced heat thanks to radiation. As a practical alternative to radiators and underfloor heating systems, a skirting board heating system does not heat the air but instead produces thermal comfort using radiant heat on the wall and the object. Thus, it lowers the supply temperature and saves energy. Many people consider this radiant heat to be far more pleasant than classic radiators. With the optionally available LED lighting, the skirting board heating system provides optical highlights, too (Hall 1, 1C15).

Heating Using a Film: Effective and Agreeable

Also in the hicoTHERM surface heating system, the heating power does not come from radiators - but instead from a very thin film. In it, a surface made of tiny carbon fibres converts electrical energy into agreeable heat in a particularly effective way. Installed in the ceiling, the wall and the floor, hicoTHERM ensures a feel-good factor at the push of a button. The surface heating system is regarded as a cost-favourable and future-oriented solution in the case of renovation and new construction. Furthermore, it is also suitable in connection with regenerative energies, e.g. wind or sun. Due to the low installation height of just 0.4 millimetres, it can be fitted on nearly all surfaces, including mould prevention (Hall 1, 1B27).

Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 15 percent by digitalising heating technology. That is the result of a study which the Institute for Building Systems Engineering Dresden has elaborated on behalf of the Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH). Because, with an intelligent controller, the heating system always runs in the optimum range. The digital heating system also incorporates weather forecasts and automatically recognises whether somebody is at home. Moreover, it stores the habits of the occupants and adjusts itself to them without having to program this. Almost all heating manufacturers are offering digital solutions in the meantime. A lot of existing heating systems can be retrofitted with simple "plug-and-play" solutions (Halls 1, 2 and 3).

Questions? Help from the Skilled Tradesman/Tradeswoman

Anybody who wants to use new sanitation, heating and air conditioning (SHK) technologies in order to raise the quality of life in his/her own four walls or the property value will do best by getting in touch with the skilled tradesman/tradeswoman trusted by him/her. The professional will help with renovation or new construction.