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V + M Profil Copper pressfitting

V + M Profil Copper pressfitting

The copper press fittings from Besco are the ideal products for installations and closed circuit systems for heating or cooling. The V + M press uses the technique of cold-forming which will result into a fast and safe system.

Company profile

Besco fittings is a copper fittings manufacturer based in Germany and production facilities in China. In 2001, we started the OEM fittings manufacturing with the purpose of supplying the plumbing distribution companies with quality products and affordable prices. A team of industry professional was assembled, their purpose being to maintain a natural climate of dialogue and openness with all the customers by providing them with responses adapted to needs and a business promise of win-win. We’ve developed new quality standards and new products made from selected materials like copper, brass, bronze or stainless steel. Our tight relationship with European customers prompted the opportunity of opening, in 2009, of a new subsidiary and a warehouse in Neuss, Germany under the name of Besco GmbH. Today, our products are well represented by our partners from European markets like: Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Czech, Romania and Greece.