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Products and new innovations

Designline BetteLoft: Expressive linearity and comfort in a striking form

Designline BetteLoft: Expressive linearity and comfort in a striking form

Steel-enamel specialist Bette introduces an expressive linearity in the bathroom with its new design line BetteLoft. BetteLoft is available as a classic built-in bath with the matching washbasin or as the spectacular free-standing BetteLoft Ornament with an embossed geometric pattern and wall-mounted washbasins in the same design.

Multi-faceted play with light and shadow
Under the name BetteLoft Ornament, a large free-standing bath measuring 181 x 81 centimetre creates an optical highlight in the bathroom, and demonstrates the tremendous adaptability of glazed titanium-steel. While the interior is in the same typical shape as BetteLoft, the expressive exterior repeats the linearity of the interior and continues it in a geometric pattern – because the steel/enamel specialist of Delbrück has embossed the integral apron with six lines of ornamentation. The varied play between light and shadow lends this luxurious bath an outstanding luminosity and vibrancy. The faceted pattern emphasises the symmetry of the bath. The even, rimless construction creates an extremely fine effect.

A wall-hanging washbasin with the exterior in the same geometric pattern, optionally with a single or four lines of ornamentation, i.e. with a visible or concealed siphon, is a congenial partner. In combination with the bath, the washbasin opens up countless possibilities for planners for individual designs of very special bathrooms to match numerous current tiling trends. The washbasin with the single row or ornamentation is available in the dimensions 82.5 x 52.5x 12.5, while the version with four rows measures 81 x 51 x 42 centimetre.

BetteLoft and BetteLoft Ornament make architectural statements in the bathroom, and provide plenty of inspiration for exciting bathroom look. 

Company profile

Specialist for bathroom elements in glazed titanium steel


Bette unites humankind and water, steel and glass, architecture and form, function and sensuality. The family company in Delbrück has been producing premium architectural bathroom components from all-natural glazed titanium steel since 1952. Bette products are one-of-a-kind, with a broad range of colours and dimensions to create an inspiring space in every bathroom design. The material is ultra-thin, which results in bathroom elements that are light yet extraordinarily durable. The glossy surfaces of BetteGlaze® are harder than marble, plastic or steel, but non-porous and resistant to abrasion and UV rays. Premium quality that Bette guarantees for 30 years.