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ALOHA provides a blissful sense of belonging

ALOHA provides a blissful sense of belonging

Be close to nature. Through its natural oak the ALOHA serie provides a blissful sense of belonging.
Massive oak wood is the main element. The high quality of the material is an inherent part of the design, contrasting nicely with stainless steel elements and highly glossy surfaces and finally makes natural atmosphere in the bathroom.

The sloping front surface of the washbasin attract your attention. A round mirror with integrated LED illumination offers a pleasant contrast to the straight line side variants. The outside impression is a minimalist, which is why the door and socket handles are omitted.

Carefully selected material - oak, stainless steel and highly glossy surfaces make perfect harmony.

Company profile

BMF is a family company with a 70-year tradition in bathroom furniture manufacturing Customers’ satisfaction and the top quality manufacturing are the key business activities of a tradicional furniture manufacturer, the company of BMF.

Being a manufacturer and supplier of bathroom furniture for demanding clients, the company relies on the latest machinery, swift and precise implementation of new trends and individual needs of its customers. When developing new furniture, the company of BMF cooperates with international partners in the sanitary field as is company KALDEWEI and others. 

Thanks to extensive investments into modern machines and new IT systems, the company of BMF has been continuously increasing the product quality and labour productivity in recent years. Especially in relation to the production of pure coats according to RAL/ NCS there have been heavy investments. Thanks to the precise processing of wood and the use of slides produced by the Hettich company, the furniture gains the long-lasting quality. We provide a five-year guarantee for our products.

The company of BMF is a 100% family companywithout any without the share of foreign capital. Out of the total of 60 employees, 20 employees work in management, administration and business and purchase support.