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Professional Smart Home

Professional Smart Home

The Professional Smart Home faces three main challenges influenced by the following factors: energy prices - electricity and gas costs are rising constantly. No end is to be seen. Construction costs - governmental requirements and empty shelves are pushing the costs. Sustainability - it is like being caught between two stools. On the one hand, energy efficient technology at first is pricey. On the other hand, energy costs will go down in the long run. On top of that there is a social pressure to live sustainably. 

A flexible solution that solves the mentioned problems is provided by wibutler´s Professional Smart Home offering. The multifaceted technologies facilitate all common smart home applications in new and old buildings.

Benefits for technicians:

  • Efficient applications: An across the trades system with top brands that optimises heating and air conditioning regulations.
  • Secure guarantee obligation: For technicians wibutler offers a separate operating mode to secure the guarantee obligation. This means that presettings can not be changed or accidentally deleted by the end user.
  • Easy handling: The few necessary settings are arranged intuitively via smartphone and are guided by an illustrated instruction.
  • Personal support: If a problem emerges quick help is of essence. In this case the wibutler Competence Centre helps with knowledge of all brands that interplay with wibutler.
  • Tools & services: wibutler offers several digital services that ease the distribution as also advisory service.
Product range

Professional Smart Building

The digitalisation of commercial residential buildings is in full movement, already. The facts speak for themselves: around 30.000 buildings per year are digitised. Three central challenges come along with the (re-)construction and administration of residential buildings. 

  • Cost pressure: Construction costs are rising dramatically. This development is accompanied by growing requirements initiated by governmental guidelines.
  • Intersections: The number of manufacturers and systems hinders the exchange of information. Processes become inefficient.
  • Specialists: The implementation of projects suffers under a lack of specialists in the field of building technicians. Outdated technologies stretch the duration of projects additionally.

The wibutler OS is an across the trades solution offering that masters the mentioned challenges.

Product Formula

The wibutler OS combines software and hardware technologies and thus provides a scalable solution offering for the whole building.

  • wibutler pro: The smart home hardware controls the living space automation via app
  • wibutler IoT device platform: A virtual gateway connecting apartments within building infrastructures.
  • Smart Building Cockpit: Real time information of the real estate. Either to be accessed via an existing ERP system or in a new dashboard. 

Company profile

wibutler is the IoT platform for digital building technology. The IoT platform in combination with the operation system wibutler OS connects Professional Smart Home and Professional Smart Building.

The offering includes technologies and services for manufacturers and system providers operating in the field of building technology. Among these are the development of digital device twins and the usage of the wibutler IoT Backend-as-a-Service. This hybrid platform structure consisting of software and hardware technologies is a scalable solution for all established buildings - from the detached house over to apartment blocks and non-residential buildings.

Already over 35 industrial partners are cooperating with each other over the wibutler alliance and together are developing the platform further. They are using wibutler to interconnect a variety of devices. From this collaboration extensive applications for higher energy efficiency, security and comfort emerge.

Last but not least, it is possible to add further external digital services with open interfaces including additional customer specific requirements.

The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview