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PTC Finned Resistor Heaters Delta

PTC Finned Resistor Heaters Delta

PTC Finned Resistor Heaters with delta-shaped fins are perfectly suited to heat airflows in many applications such as HVAC systems, where they pre-heat cold intake air.

Insulated Finned Resistor Heaters are used for rough environmental conditions as they feature electrically insulated PTC heating elements and thus higher resistance to humidity, dust and vibration. 

The PTC Finned Resistor Heaters are available in three standard sizes S, M, L with add-ons (frame, enclosure, temperature limiter) or as custom version.

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Company profile

DBK Industrial Thermal Management

We develop and manufacture innovative heating and cooling solution for industry customers:

  • PTC Heating (Fan heaters, convection heaters, finned resistor heaters, surface heating elements, cartridge heaters)
  • Resistance Wire Heating (Tubular heaters, micanit heaters, heating plates, air heaters, high performance cartridge heaters)
  • Peltier Thermocooler
  • and more
Application fields:
  • Enclosure climatization
  • Building climatization: HVAC systems
  • Passenger compartment climatization: special-purpose vehicles
  • Medical and laboratory equipment and tnstruments
  • Railway engineering
  • and more

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