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E-Manager (or Energy Manager) is the newest product from Ecoforest.

With this device you may be able to connect your ecoGEO heat pump to PV-Panels to obtain several different Automatic-Functions:

- Power Surplus Regulation (Net Zero Energy Balance)

- Power limitation

- Tariff control

- Smart Grid mode management 1-4 (different from SG Ready)

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Product range

ecoGEO Heat Pumps continuous operation from 1 to 100 kW

ecoGEO Heat Pumps continuous operation from  1 to 100 kW

The Ecoforest ecoGEO heat pumps are Inverter modulating heat pumps which can modulate and adapt their power to the user's needs.

Divided in 6 different models, the ecoGEO heat pumps may produce heating, active cooling, passive cooling and DHW in one single installation. The different powers are:

- ecoGEO 1-9 kW

- ecoGEO 3-12 kW

- ecoGEO 5-22 kW

- ecoGEO 12-40 kW

- ecoGEO 15-70 kW

- ecoGEO 25-100 kW

Design and control strategies have been developed by Ecoforest, what allows us to have full rights and control over the products, what means a huge technical advantage.

More info: http://www.ecoforest.es/en/categoria/gama-domestica-ecogeo

Company profile

Ecoforest is a pioneer company in the renewable energy business.

With more than 50 years experience, Ecoforest started as a Pellet stove and boiler manufacturer.

After many years, Ecoforest decided to start researching and developing heat pumps.

At the moment it is possible to find our products in more than 35 countries, including many countries from Europe, North America and South America.

We develop and manufacture each and every product of our portfolio, what means a a huge technological advantage, since we own all the rights, designs and control strategies.