Fössestrasse 97A
DE 30453 Hannover
Mr. Hans Meenen

Company profile

Energiewerkstatt™ is a medium-sized, owner-managed company with innovative solutions for decentralized energy supply based on the principle of cogeneration. The simultaneous generation of heat and electricity in a compact, user-friendly and maintenance-friendly unit are our standard and guide. We have realized this since 1987 and were one of the first providers of these resource- and climate-friendly technologies in Germany. Cogeneration plants from Energiewerkstatt™ mark for years the current state of technology and prove their worth every day in municipal facilities, hotels, hospitals and retirement homes – wherever heat and electricity is required and must be produced economically.

The cogeneration units of the model range ASV are developed, built and distributed at the headquarters in Hannover-Linden. The electrical power classes in this series extend from 14 to 40 kW. With the model ASV 40 Energiewerkstatt™ owns the CHP with the highest power capacity in the Mini-CHP segment.
At the beginning of 2016 the first high-efficiency heat compressor (HWV) was presented by Energiewerkstatt™ Heron. The HWV 20 produces compressed air following the principle of the combined heat and power cycle. High-efficiency heat compressors are applicable wherever compressed air and heat are required and have to be generated economically.

All CHP units are characterized by the unique selling point of requiring only one square meter of floor space. In delivery conditions Energiewerkstatt™- CHP are ready for connection without any additional components. A high machine availability, supported by a special remote inquiry system ensures the operator a high degree of investment security and short payback periods. In 2017, Energiewerkstatt celebrated its 30th anniversary.