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GEBO innovation for radiator and drinking water installations - minigebo now on sale!

GEBO innovation for radiator and drinking water installations - minigebo now on sale!

The quality manufacturer GEBO brings another innovation to the market. The compact adapter minigebo revolutionizes repairs on tightly positioned pipelines. Space-saving, flexible and uncomplicated - this is what makes the minigebo product range stand out. The minigebo compact adapter is initially available in three different sizes from specialist dealers.

Often, repair work on pipelines is tedious and nerve-racking, which is not due to the installers themselves, but to the products and tools. The new GEBO compact adapter solves these problems and starts exactly there. Tightly installed lines in pipe shafts, are no longer a problem with minigebo and are easy to work with due to the compact size of the adapter. Due to the design of the adapter body, it has no problems with tight spaces. The gripping surfaces on the sides of the adapter, despite the compact design, allow optimal handiness for the installer.
As with all other products from GEBO, there is no need for welding or threading with minigebo. This is an enormous advantage, especially in older buildings and narrow pipe shafts with nearby insulated pipes. There is therefore no risk of fire. Likewise, the system can be loaded immediately, as there is no waiting or cooling time.

The minigebo compact adapter not only minimizes installation time and effort, but also sets a new quality standard on the market. The outstanding advantage of the compact adapter lies in its installation. The minigebo compact adapter system is designed for installation using a hexagon socket wrench or suitable bit screwdriver. Thus, you not only have a compact adapter, but you can install it compactly at the same time. Bulky and unsuitable pressing pliers, water pump pliers or the like, which complicate the work, are not needed. Thus, the compact adapters can be tightened comfortably, space-saving and handy via two screws in the clamping area of the minigebo.
The sealing material of the adapters is DVGW tested. Due to the UBA compliant materials, the compact adapter is approved for drinking water and may be used permanently at temperatures up to 70°C. The manufacturer offers two different versions of the product. On the one hand in the nickel-plated version for heating installations up to 10 bar, as well as in the pure brass version for heating as well as drinking water installations (hot and cold).
In order to be able to experience the minigebo compact adapters before the first purchase, the manufacturer launches the online presence of the new product series. Under the brass compact adapters can be experienced in detail. With all important information approximately around application, function, range of application and product quality, everyone can make itself a comprehensive impression and receives a first Vorgeschmack on the product novelty.

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The GEBO Group is a fast-growing, medium-sized industrial company in the sanitary industry with locations in Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Russia and others. A steady expansion of the portfolio, impeccable quality, good ideas and a healthy mix of competence and reliability have made the Gebo Group what it is today: a powerful, international company with steadily growing success.