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TGA Heating

TGA Heating

Save time with this intelligent heating system design tool. Calculation of heat loss of rooms, dwellings and commercial buildings.

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Digitalisierung, Datenaustausch und schnelle Prozesse sind weltweit der Trend des 21. Jahrhunderts. Die Hottgenroth Unternehmensgruppe bietet mit ihrer modularen Software die BIM konforme Lösung: von der Erstellung des digitalen Gebäudezwillings mit HottScan und HottCAD, über die TGA-Planung, -sanierung und Optimierung mit ETU-Planer, Heizlast 12831, ETU Simulation sowie dem Wärmeschutznachweis mit dem Energieberater bis hin zur Branchenlösung Kaufmann.
Author: Hottgenroth Software GmbH & Co. KG
Product range

3D room survey in 2 minutes

3D room survey in 2 minutes

A complete solution of superlatives: quick and easy ´on-site´ building surveys including software. Survey rooms with precise floorplans and export the aquired CAD geometry to CAD software.

The HottScan 3D- roomscanner broadens the Hottgenroth group´s portfolio by another ground-breaking new approach to 3D room modelling. The HottScan room scanner aquires any desired geometry with precise laser measurements.

The high-end capturing technology requires only a few measurements to generate a complete 3D room with all details after the data export via USB stick or WIFI.The next to the 3D room the quantity analytics for planning and structural arrangements is generated with one click.
The high resolution 3D image is available for expert opinion and technical assessments.The data export is available in all common formats. The handling is so easy that no special know-how is needed.

Company profile

The Hottgenroth group offers modular, BIM compliant software solutions starting with the creation of digital twin of the building with HottScan and HottCAD. This data can be transferred to software modules for HVAC planing, refurnishment and optimization with TGA Heating, Building Simulation and Optimus. The uniform data model ensures the data exchange between all software applications . Additional information can be conveniently added on the fly.