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Products and innovations

Steel tube adapter for drinking water systems

The new steel pipe adapter for drinking water systems is available in five sizes. It is suitable for galvanized and black pipes, as well as for boiler pipes.

The drinking water adapter made of solid brass meets the requirements of the federal environmental agency for materials that come into contact with drinking water. It was designed with an EPDM-moulded seal and a stainless steel retaining claw per DVGW guidelines, and is prepared for approval.

The adaptor is designed for galvanized and black steel models (DIN EN 10225-1, DIN EN 10240) as well as for boiler pipes (DIN EN 10216-1, DIN EN 10217-1). The technical specifications are also impressive. With a temperature resistance of up to 120 degree at an operating pressure of up to ten bar, the drinking water adapter is able to meet all kinds of demands. This includes a high level of holding power that protects against accidental pullout.

The HUMMEL adapter for drinking water systems is available in five sizes from 1/2 "to 1½". Installation is safe, simple and fast. No welding or thread cutting is necessary. The adapter is simply placed on a clean pipe and then tightened. No specialised tools are needed.

Company profile

Renowned for problem-solver products

The Hummel AG is a renowned manufacturer of components in the sector heating systems. Plumbers appreciate the company as a problem-solver in difficult situations. The product range includes fittings, diverters, tube adapters, extensions, connectors and much more.

For 70 years the medium-size family enterprise stands for quality, precision, reliability and a pronounced consciousness for service. The high level of vertical integration with development, design, toolmaking, production, galvanising and assembly from a single source offers the best prerequisites for a high level of customer orientation in the implementation of individual solutions.