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Reverse osmosis systems WaterLine RO for hygienic water treatment

Reverse osmosis systems WaterLine RO for hygienic water treatment

The WaterLine reverse osmosis systems from HygroMatik are an effective protection for air humidification and cooling systems.

Before our drinking water is fed into the water pipes, it flows through numerous different layers of rocks. Depending on the region, it therefore contains more or less minerals such as calcium and magnesium. If this water is used, for example, in steam humidifiers for air humidification, it can accumulate in the form of lime and salt deposits on the heating elements and damage them.

But not only lime and salt crystals are removed from the water by the cleaning process. The water treatment with a WaterLine RO system is also a very effective protection against viruses and bacterial contamination in air humidification and cooling systems.

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Product range

Electrode- and heater type steam humidifier FlexLine

Electrode- and heater type steam humidifier FlexLine

With the FlexLine, HygroMatik provides a modern generation of steam humidifiers which consists of a basic model that can be expanded to create an individual humidification solution suitable for all requirements. In order to make this flexibility available to you quickly, we have developed a modular system. This was awarded in three categories with the Plus X Award.

Flexibility pays dividends.

All advantages at a glance:
·         A series of units for all applications and performance categories

·         Ease of installation by means of individual pre-configuration ex factory

·         Expansion of options for retrofitting

·         You only invest in the functions you really need

·         Easy operation

·         Highest quality and energy efficiency

·         Environmentally friendly incorporating reusable components

More about the benefits of FlexLine: website  

Product range

Heater Steam Humidifier FlexLine Plus and Process

Heater Steam Humidifier FlexLine Plus and Process

FlexLine Plus and Process for precision and process humidification.

A stable and controlled room climate is indispensable for many production processes. Fluctuations in air humidity and especially excessively dry air have a massive influence on the raw materials used, on their processing capabilities and thus ultimately also on the quality of the end products.

HygroMatik FlexLine Plus and Process heater steam humidifiers have been developed especially for the use in precision and process humidification, in sensitive areas of industrial production as well as for the stabilisation of the relative air humidity in laboratories and research facilities.

All advantages at a glance:

Advantages for the operator

·         Precise control and reliable stabilisation of air humidity in the ambient and room air

·         Increased process efficiency by reducing errors and failures

·         Increased productivity and product quality

·         Protection against dangerous electrostatic discharges

·         Healthy and pleasant working environment for employees

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Product range

Direct Room Humidifier MiniSteam E

Direct Room Humidifier MiniSteam E

MiniSteam E. For direct room humidification. The HygroMatik MiniSteam E is an electrode steam humidifier for direct room humidification with steam outputs of 5 and 10 kg/h. It has been designed for humidification of small and medium-sized offices as well as production and storage rooms. The MiniSteam E generates hygienic steam from tap water and is particularly environmentally friendly and efficient.
The units have the VDE, GS and CSA C/US test marks and are CE and EAC compliant.

 Find out more about the benefits of our direct room humidifier MiniSteam E and visit us at SHK, Hall 6, Stand 11 or our website

Product range

Adiabatic Low and High Pressure Systems LPS and HPS

Adiabatic Low and High Pressure Systems LPS and HPS

LPS and HPS. Efficient humidification and cooling.
Our adiabatic humidification systems LPS and HPS have been developed for efficient use in comfort humidification. They provide for example in office complexes, hotels, shopping centres or clean rooms for the optimum relative humidity of the room air (comfort zone 40-60%) and are therefore an important element in company hygiene concepts and in the development of health-promoting measures.

Also in process humidification, e.g. in production plants, in painting facilities or in the automotive and in the aviation industry, they reliably control the air humidity for optimum and stable production conditions.

In addition, the evaporation of the fine mist cools the flow air in the duct and thus ensures noticeable cooling of the room air. In the case of exhaust air cooling in summer, this can save up to ⅓ of the needed cooling capacity in order to achieve pleasant room temperatures for employees and customers. Also in production plants the primary cooling load can be significantly reduced by reducing process waste heat.

The modular design of our LPS and HPS humidification systems enables installation or retrofitting in almost any air-conditioning duct. With a total of 5 performance classes, they can be perfectly matched to your humidification requirements. Up to a humidification capacity of 110 l/h, the LPS offers a compact humidification system that can be operated in a low pressure range from 5 to 15 bar (Low Pressure System). The more powerful HPS works in the high pressure range with a pressure of 25 to 75 bar (High Pressure System) and enables a humidification performance of up to 600 l/h.

Find out more about the benefits of our adiabatic atomizing systems LPS and HPS and visit us at SHK, Hall 6, Stand 11 or our website 

Product range

Pressure Steam System DDS

Pressure Steam System DDS

The HygroMatik pressure steam system DDS is connected to an existing steam network and makes the pressurised steam available for energy-efficient air humidification. The HygroMatik DDS humidifies using condensate-free saturated steam and offers shortest possible humidification distances for space-saving installation in e.g. laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.
In most applications, the HygroMatik DDS variant C (stainless steel grey cast iron) meets the requirements for optimum integration into the overall system. Hygromatik DDS variant A (100% stainless steel) is suitable for applications with increased hygiene requirements. In this compact 4-in-1 system, all steam-conducting components are made of stainless steel 1.4401 and thus also meet increased requirements for corrosion resistance in pure steam operation.
Depending on the project requirements, the DDS is individually configured and confectioned. The compact dimensions and the low weight enable quick and easy installation - even in difficult installation conditions.

Find out more about the benefits of our pressurised steam system DDS and visit us at SHK, Hall 6, Stand 11 or our website 

Company profile

Welcome to HygroMatik.

We humidify the air.

The awareness of a pleasant, healthy and performance-enhancing indoor climate has increased greatly in recent years. An important influencing factor for optimal indoor air quality is the air humidity. The recommended relative humidity should be between 40 and 60 %, depending on the room temperature. we inform you about the health and economic benefits of the right indoor humidification.

For more than 50 years, our team in Henstedt-Ulzburg has been innovatively and successfully tackling a wide range of air humidification challenges for you and supplying our durable units, plants and systems, developed and manufactured in Germany, all over the world.

We are also happy to provide you with the right solution for your humidification task, because we work hand in hand with you and support you from system selection and dimensioning to commissioning and even beyond project completion with expert maintenance and flexible wear and spare parts logistics. 

For us, resource and environmental protection are just as much a matter of course as meeting high technical standards and supplying hygienically and economically well thought-out solutions. Take advantage of our flexibility and short response time to find a fast and reliable solution for your air humidification task.

We offer the optimal product for every area and adapt it to your individual requirements:

Pressureless steam generation by means of electrode or heater type steam humidifiers. HygroMatik steam humidifiers provide pressureless, hygienic steam for controlled climate and process humidification in all areas of application. Numerous options enable particularly good adaptation to your specific application.

Humidifying and cooling with adiabatic systems. In application areas where both humidification and cooling of the air is required, our HygroMatik atomising humidifiers play out their potential to the full. Energy efficiency and efficiency are particularly high with this humidification method. HygroMatik's high-pressure and low-pressure systems impress with low water and energy consumption and meet the strictest hygiene standards without chemical additives.

Pressurised steam systems for humidification with condensate-free pressurised steam. The pressurised steam system is connected to an existing steam source and ensures precise, condensate-free humidification for use in e.g. clean rooms and hospitals.

Water treatment. Hygienic water treatment ensures significantly reduced maintenance costs and a considerably longer service life for humidification systems. Therefore, we recommend to our customers the appropriate components for professional and sensible water treatment - optimised and matched to all HygroMatik humidifiers.

We look forward to your visit, Hall 6, Stand 6I11 or your contact: