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SI 1218 Komenda
Product range

Heating circulation pumps

Heating circulation pumps


  • Threaded
  • 4, 6, 8 m Head
  • DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32
  • 180 or 130mm instalation lenght
  • Cinstant speed, Proportional pressure, one button setting
  • EEI <0,20
  • Version with 0-10V or PWM



  • Flanch
  • up to 12 m Head
  • DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100
  • 220, 240, 250, 280, 240, 360mm instalation lenght
  • Constant speed, proportional pressure, Constant pressure, Auto mode, Night Mode
  • EEI <0,20
  • Isolation
  • Upgradable with Communication Modul
  • Error signaling
  • programable rely
  • 0-10V
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet
  • Drinking water version
Company news

Check out our brand new IN-LINE catalogue!

Check out our brand new IN-LINE catalogue ! Our range got better, both in head and in flow.
We also included new ECL possibilities and added ECL codes for you to order them with ease.
New CL pumps are from now on available on our webpage and pump selection program. Place your orders now.

Old CL pumps will be available for your orders until 30th of June.

Company profile

IMP PUMPS is Slovenian manufacturer of pumps and pumping
systems located in Komenda in Slovenia. Company designs,
develops, manufactures, distributes and maintains pumps and
pumping systems. With products and services of its own and
from strategic partners, company is positioned as provider of
integrated solutions. With specialized skills company resolves
the problems relating to the transportation of liquid media.
This ensures the comfort of home environment and optimal
working conditions in the industry.
More than 96 % of production is sold in over 80
countries around the world. Company is innovator in the
field of electro commutated submersible motors and has the
quality certificate ISO 9001:2015.

IMP PUMPS was founded in 1947 and has existed as part of
the IMP until the late1980s. Company successfully survived
the change of the economic system and the turbulent nineties
and stood on its own feet. Company was privatized in 1997
and 1999. In the year 2000, the company was restructured
and renamed in IMP PUMPS d.o.o.. Slovenia’s entry into the EU
was another initiative for IMP PUMPS intensive development
of the sales network in the changing European market, either
directly or through its business partners.
At the same time investments in development, marketing,
information technology, and philosophy of e-commerce were

IMP PUMPS is present with its products and services in many
world markets (Eastern and Western Europe, North America,
Asia, North Africa and Australia). IMP PUMPS is also a
member of EUROPUMP the European Association of Pump
Manufacturers. In pump design, high priority is given to the
improvement of the energy efficiency of pumps. Excellent
results have been reached by the new NMT pump series, using
permanent magnets technology for very high efficiency rates.
IMP PUMPS is one of the few European manufacturers, which
over the years developed and launched a new generation of
pumps with electronically controlled wet running motors. This
is one of the main reasons that the company IMP PUMPS is
ranked among Europe’s technological elite.

IMP PUMPS Company employees are aware they have
become part of global development and the importance of
the environment in which they live. Our products are energy
efficient and environmentally friendly. We are constantly
developing new and more cost effective pumps replacing
the old types and investing in the development of intelligent
pumps with an emphasis on digitization and communication.
The company plans to further expand its sales on foreign
markets and enhance its position among the four largest
manufacturer of circulator pumps in Europe. In the spirit of its
motto “The honest product for the honest price”, IMP PUMPS
intends to maintain the excellent quality of its products at the
favorable prices for the customer, along with the application
of the latest technologies and prompt service.

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