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Ms. Daniela Parthen

Company profile

We know water
With an 80 year history in the water treatment industry, JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH belongs to the top players in their field. A workforce of over 400 employees develop, manufacture and distribute our range of products and systems for the treatment of water supply systems and for systems protection. JUDO, together with our regional offices and distribution partners on 5 continents, offer a wide range of technical solutions for water related problems to the plumbing industry, hotels, hospitals, local authorities, commerce and industry.

A history of innovation
For us, the whole question of quality does not confine itself to the high levels of product quality our clients respect in JUDO units. It starts long before that at the inception and design levels where close attention is paid not just to unit performance but also ease of installation and operation as well as economic water usage. JUDO is responsible for the market introduction of many of the features and functions in water treatment equipment now accepted as standards in the industry.

Quality „Made in Germany“
Quality lies not only in the heart of our company philosophy but also in every step of the road from product development through to operation. In order to ensure an ongoing high level of quality to all our clients, all JUDO products are manufactured in Germany only.

Approved technology
With the purchase of JUDO technology you are purchasing approved quality. Our protective filters, softeners, dosing pumps, etc. comply to the standards and requirements of all the most important German and European norms and are thus in line with the highest standards in hygiene and safety.

The booth in the interactive hall overview

The booth in the interactive hall overview