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LEGIO.medical shower

The LEGIO.medical shower is an ideal "first aid" product in case of legionella outbreaks or in cases when extensive protection is necessary. The fields of application are risk areas in hospitals, comercial buildings such as sports facilities and hotels, private residential constructions, public facilities such as kindergarten/nursery schools, sanitary facilities in the industrial sector and administration and more.

The hand shower with its antichalk nep buttom shows no difference to usual hand showers in optic and handling. The very well constructed style can be used up to 70 days and afterwards with the use of a well-priced and sustainable cartridge. The LEGIO.medical shower has a microfiltration membrane (micron rating 0,2 µ) and is extensive validated (KTW and DVGW W270/DIN EN 16421-testing). The patent-registered outside-in-system offers the highest operational safety.

The same model is offered as LEGIO.premium shower with an elegant chrome plating.

Product range

LEGIO.ball tap

LEGIO.ball tap

The LEGIO.ball tap is a membrane filtration system (mircron rating 0,2µ) with a perfect water flow because of an antibacterial perlator. With its patent-registered outside-in membrane technologie the LEGIO.ball tap guarantees a very high level of bacteriological water safety up to 70 days which is more than commercially available. With various adapter the LEGIO.ball tap is suitable for nearly every tap and the ergonomic styling is helpfull for every disinfection of the surface with all current medical surface wipe germicides. After reaching the maximum time of use with 70 days only a cartridge exchange is necessary. For hygenic reasons the lower shell of the ball is also exchanged with the cartridge. The LEGIO.ball tap is extensive validated (KTW and DVGW W270/DIN EN 16421-testing).

The LEGIO.ball is also available as overhead shower version with a perfect spray pattern. With the metall threat in the upper shell the shower version is suitable for swimming halls, sports facilities and wellness sections in hotels.

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Company profile

Water is essential for survival – clean and sterile with LEGIO.membrane filtration systems.

LEGIO offers a complete range of ultrafiltration products to solve the contamination of pathogenic waterborne bacteria such as Legionalla and Pseudomonas.

We produce various sizes for every application and offer point of use microfiltration for shower and faucets in innovative optics.

Our products are “Made in Germany” and “Made in Europe” (Netherlands). LEGIO is engaged with this subject since 1999.