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Company profile

Fresh air for over 50 years

It began with an innovation: LUNOS devised a ventilation stone as a passive ventilation system for kitchen cabinets ventilated from outside – in the 50’s and 60’s the years of the ”economic miracle”, when new, practical lifestyle concepts were in demand.

A little later, LUNOS advanced to become one of the best known manufacturers of apartment ventilation systems. They used solutions that were compatible overall and extremely long-lived and components, which provided for a perceptible improvement in living climates and a thoroughly healthy building substance. And continue to do so to this day. This has made LUNOS one of the leading companies involved in remediation and new building.

LUNOS stands for more than living climate.

LUNOS ventilation systems generate demand-driven, clean and hygienic ventilation of all apartment spaces and guarantee dry, mold-free walls. In addition, they offer considerable savings in heating costs – with low purchase and operating costs. And of course they offer the quality and security which we guarantee with our name.