Max Weishaupt-Str. 14
DE 88477 Schwendi
Product range

The Weishaupt Group: Energy Technology, Energy Recovery, Energy Management

Burners, condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar energy, and building automation

Company profile

The Weishaupt Group has more than 3,600 employees and is a market leader for burners, condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar energy, and building automation.
The core division is Max Weishaupt GmbH in Schwendi, home to the group’s own Research and Development Institute. Since 2009 the business, which was founded in 1932, has been structured as a holding for three companies operating in the fields of energy technology, energy recovery and energy management.
Energy Technology: Weishaupt offers an extensive range of burners and complete heating systems. Its heating systems encompass both gas and oil-fired condensing boilers, as well as solar systems and heat pumps that utilise renewable energy sources.
Energy Recovery: BauGrund Süd has been part of the Weishaupt Group since 2009 and undertakes drilling for the geothermal probes and wells used with heat pump systems. BauGrund Süd is one of the most capable near-surface geothermal drilling companies in Europe. Its 30 or so drilling crews have the experience of having drilled more than 2 million metres. The company also undertakes ground reconnaissance.
Energy Management: Neuberger building automation has been a group subsidiary since 1995 and supplies intelligent building management systems. These provide efficient, cost-saving solutions that bring together all of a building’s technical systems, such as heating, climate control, ventilation, lighting, shading, and all kinds of safety and security systems.