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Mr. Dirk Stefen

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The Craftnote App combines project-based communication with construction documentation to improve collaboration on the construction site.

Every day, countless pieces of information have to be recorded at the construction site. Not all of them are found again or find their way to the office for processing and billing.

The consequence: forgotten agreements, missed deadlines and, in the end, disgruntled customers. These mistakes cost craft businesses a lot of time and money. The Craftnote App combines the practical functions from WhatsApp, Dropbox, Scanbot and many more in one app especially for craftsmen on the construction site.

By combining smart features with intuitive operation, Craftnote improves site and office communication and simplifies site documentation. Other trades, suppliers and customers can be integrated into construction projects using the app. The result is efficient cooperation between all parties involved within projects. The heart of the app is the project-based chat and a folder structure with which even complex construction projects can be mapped. All communication and documentation takes place purposefully within the projects.

Thanks to an integrated PDF scanner, image processing, indexing as well as search and filter functions, information is not only quickly captured, but can also be retrieved at any time. Once a project has been completed, the project progress can be exported as a PDF report and can serve as proof.

With the digital planning board, projects, resources and employees can be specifically organized and controlled in one interface from the office. Changes can be viewed by all project participants from anywhere at any time through the connection to the respective projects.

Craftnote is not only an alternative to well-known instant messengers, but also a professional tool that more than 35,000 tradesmen already use in their daily work.