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Mr. Burkhard Nowack
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Company profile

NORMA Group is a global market and technology leader with strong growth prospects in attractive niche markets for engineered joining technologies. The company manufactures and sells a wide range of high-quality engineered joining technology solutions in three product categories: clamp, connect and fluid. These are often mission-critical for the performance, reliability and quality of the respective customer end products.
Headquartered in Maintal, Germany, NORMA Group operates a global network of 30 production facilities as well as numerous sales and distribution sites across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific. The company offers more than 40,000 high-quality products and solutions to approximately 10,000 customers in a wide range of industries, including agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, engines, aviation, infrastructure/construction/water management, passenger vehicles, railway, white goods, wholesalers and technical distributors.
NORMA Group’s infrastructure product range is used for building and bridge drainage, private ground drainage as well as laboratory and industry sewage. In addition, infrastructure products are used to join feed and recovery lines for gases, fluids and solids in plants, ships, filters and devices, in civil engineering, mining as well as in water supply and distribution.