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EASY MOVE - adjustable toilet bowl and washbasin element

EASY MOVE - adjustable toilet bowl and washbasin element

Easy Move allows the pan height to be altered according to user’s needs by means of a highly attractive solution.‎ Easy Move is particularly suitable for the disabled: for this reason it is also equipped, as an optional, with a handles kit for the disabled; furthermore, the flush can be activated with a special control panel.‎

The Easy Move frame is compatible with all WC pan models on the market and guarantees modifications in height of up to 150 millimetre starting with a minimum height of 400 millimetre and reaching a maximum height of 550 millimetre; the structure has a depth of 200 millimetre including the cistern and the activation motor.‎ The engine is extremely powerful with a thrust of more than 400 kg, and offers maximum reliability and silence: when operating the noise of the motor is practically inaudible.‎

The Easy Move structure also incorporates a flexible flush pipe and possesses a movement speed of 12 mm/s thus allowing rapid alteration of the WC pan height.‎ The frontal finish of the Easy Move structure, based on the adoption of a panel in tempered glass, offers a choice of colours black or white.‎

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