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Sotin eco-N2 vessel filler system with an integrated, replaceable pressurised gas cylinder for diaphragm expansion vessels

Sotin eco-N2 vessel filler system with an integrated, replaceable pressurised gas cylinder for diaphragm expansion vessels


Why should anything be complicated (and uneconomical and impractical) when it can be easy? But how could it be both economical and practical? That was precisely the challenge that spurred on Sotin´s sales and development specialists. And they came up with an answer: The SOTIN eco-N2 – the little box of wonders among the vessel fillers for diaphragm expansion vessels.

The background: Up to now, the non-combustible refrigerant R-134a has been used in vessel fillers. However, in 2014, the EU decided to phase out this fluorinated greenhouse gas and it may now only be present at very low levels in vessel fillers. The replacement was less harmful but also much less economical. So Sotin did its homework. The result: an innovative vessel filler system with a replaceable pressurised gas cylinder. It only contains nitrogen, so it is climate-friendly. The benefits to you: It is compact, easy to use, economical and safe to handle.


• ready and easy to use

• can be used between -20 degrees to +60 degrees

• can also be left in the car over the winter

• rapid, thanks to the high filling pressure

• it can also be used for diaphragm expansion vessels for solar and potable water systems

• non-flammable and safe

• climate-friendly

• the pressurised gas cylinder is 100 per cent disposable

• economical and highly efficient

• also suitable for large diaphragm expansion vessels

• 100 per cent Made in Germany


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The new bio line of Sotin

Cleanliness meets nature: 

  • 100% based on natural ingredients
  • fresh scent of essential oils

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Energy efficiency – the biggest unused source of energy! For that reason, we from Sotin, have specialized in the cleaning of boilers, combination boilers and condensing boilers as well as the descaling of water- and heating systems! Where combustion takes place, there are always dirt and residues. These residues are responsible for the decrease of energy efficiency. Deposits just a few millimetres thick in the combustion chambers will reduce heat transfer many times over. As a result, the energy consumption will increase by as much as 20%. The desired energy efficiency can only be achieved with clean appliances.

For over 40 years we have been developing successful and innovative chemical products that cover all the needs of heating and sanitary handicraft enterprises. In the German specialized wholesale trade, we are market leaders and leverage the enormous advantage of being able to supply everything from a single source. Our products are perfectly matched to each other and provide users with sound, complete chemical solutions, characterized by high efficiency and ease of use.

Our customers' satisfaction as well as a very high quality standard are most important to us. This is ensured by the continuous, further development of our products in a laboratory equipped with the latest technology, and by regular batch control. Our suppliers come exclusively from the EU, which is regulated by strict quality standards. Our team consists now of approx. 40 highly qualified employees, who all work as team players, from trainees to management members. Thus, the climate in our company is familiar and marked by a fair spirit of cooperation - a first-class prerequisite for a highly motivated, committed relationship with our customers.

Our company boosts Germany as a location for industry, we develop our products in our own laboratory, don't shift the production in low-wage countries and assure therefore the future of our jobs. It's important for us to give Germany a perspective, to take responsibility for our employees and to secure the future of our offspring.