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Products and innovations

UVR610 - the freely programmable controller

UVR610 - the freely programmable controller

The UVR610 freely programmable controller has the same technology as the UVR16x2 controller. The controller is programmed using the TAPPS2 software. Data transfer is done via Micro SD card or CAN bus. A 24V-output and/or the M-Bus interface can be activated by jumpers. The UVR610 housing is designed for control cabinets (45 millimetre standard installation bezel).

Available as:

  • UVR610
  • UVR610-OD (without Display)
  • UVR610-MODB (with Modbus Interface instead M-Bus)
  • UVR610-DC (with input for a 24V DC supply)

Technische Alternative RT GmbH in the MEDIA CENTER

designed for use with heat pumps
Photographer: Jürgen Prazak, Technische Alterantive
4.3 " Touch Display mit Sensoreinheit zur Wandmontage im Wohnraum (erhältlich in Schwarz und Weiß)
Photographer: Jürgen Prazak, Technische Alterantive
Freely programmable controller
Photographer: Jürgen Prazak, Technische Alterantive
Freely programmable controller with touch display, available in varios housings for wall mounting, for DIN rail assembly or as circuit board
Photographer: Jürgen Prazak, Technische Alterantive
Product range

Fresh water stations

Fresh water stations

Optimal matching of the control behaviour to the high efficiency pump and the heat exchanger guarantees perfect stabilisation of the outlet temperature regardless of flow changes. Uniform and interchangeable G3/4“ connections reduce the assembly effort.

  • Easy operation and installation
  • LED status indicators
  • Integral heat and water meter
  • Data output via DL bus
  • Connection for circulation pump in pulse mode
  • High efficiency pump
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger, copper soldered
  • Interchangeable connections (left/right)
  • 4 stopcocks, in the primary return with gravity brake
  • Cascading of several modules possible
  • Draw performance:
    FRISTAR2:...................................max. 30 l/min (65 °C / 45 °C)
    FRISTAR2WP:.............................max. 30 l/min (55 °C / 45 °C)
Product range

Standard controllers

Standard controllers

Simple regulation of

  • Solar systems, charging pumps
  • Heating of swimming pools
  • DHW preparation

The UVR67 offers

  • over 800 programs to choose from, featuring: heating circuit control, differential controlling, thermostats and speed regulation
  • max. 1 mixed heating circuit
Product range

x2 series | freely programmable controller

x2 series | freely programmable controller

Universal controller - the x2-series

Whenever there’s talk about “universal controllers”, the topic is almost always our flagship, the UVR16x2. Many further variations have been released throughout the years. A DC-version, a variant with a 24V-output or an M-Bus interface, as well as extension modules with LAN, KNX and Modbus interfaces. All x2 devices run on the same in-house-developed operating system “x2 tech” and are therefore programmed and compatible in a unified manner.


  • UVR16x2
  • UVR610
  • RSM610

Housing form

The term “universal” not just refers to functionality, but also to structural makeup of our controllers. You will therefore find a suitable controller in the right casing (or without any casing, only a circuit board) for your application. Mounted in a control cabinet or on a boiler control panel, as a circuit board with or without integrated processing unit or the “classic” console to be mounted on a wall.

Extensions & interfaces

Expand your inputs and outputs via the CAN bus, auxiliary relays or extension modules via DL bus. The CAN-BC2 offers an interface for KNX, Modbus or M-Bus.
Furthermore, three-phase energy meters are available for currents of up to 300 A, fill level sensors, signal converters, immersion heaters or an entire DHW preparation unit.

Company profile

Building technology, intelligently regulated

Thermal solar systems had their first spike in popularity in the late 80’s. However, technicians and end users alike struggled with the usually overpriced and unreliable controllers. Ing. Kurt Fichtenbauer faced this problem together with a colleague and began developing his own solar system controller, in his own garage at first. Reliable, easy to operate and at a good price-performance ratio, these controllers quickly gained popularity.

Technicians with heart and soul

Today, DI Andreas Schneider runs the Technische Alternative, together with founder Kurt Fichtenbauer. The principles of product development haven’t changed. We develop reliable and universally deployable controllers, extensions and accessories for the entirety of building technology at fair prices.

Manufacturer-independent and flexible control of all energy-related components of building automation:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Energy management
  • Solar & PV
  • Shading
  • Lighting

From an idea to serial production

Every device is developed and produced in our company’s site in northern Lower Austria, from an idea, to prototypes and finally to a finished product. All related software is also developed in-house, for programming and visualizations. Our own SMD assembly line guarantees high flexibility and quality from individual pieces up to serial production.