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Composite underfloor heating manifold Multi-Unit

The Composite underfloor heating manifold model: Multi-Unit is the newest revolution in renewable heating and cooling solutions. The composite supply and return manifolds are produced in one piece from two to eight outlets. It is also possible to connect multiple manifolds up to 20+ outlets. This results in a very solid manifold with a compact and lightweight design. The manifold can be configured completely based upon your preferences. This provides a suitable solution for every situation. The Composite Multi-Unit is the best alternative to a stainless steel or brass manifold.

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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating and cooling systems

Company profile

Therminon is a leading company in developing and manufacturing systems and control units for underfloor heating and underfloor cooling. The goal of Therminon is to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction at all circumstances with high-quality products. Technical support through customer training and sourcing customer-specific solutions are issues which customers appreciate and regard as unique. By investing constantly in people and new techniques we may consider Therminon as leading and the innovators in underfloor heating and cooling.