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Company profile


The Wieland Group, with headquarters in Ulm, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of semi-finished products in copper and copper alloys, such as strip, sheet, tubes, rods, wires and sections. Wieland also manufactures finned tubes and heat exchangers, slide bearings and system components.

With a range of more than 100 different copper alloys, the Wieland Group offers optimum product solutions for numerous industries such as the electrical and electronic industry, the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating sectors as well as the construction and sanitary industries. If required, the portfolio is complemented by materials such as aluminium, steel and titanium.

Decades of experience and continuous new and further development of materials, products and processes result in future-oriented innovations for industrial customers worldwide.

For a reliable supply of its customers in Germany and abroad, the Wieland Group has manufacturing companies, slitting centres and trading companies in many European countries as well as in the USA, in Asia and South Africa.

The Wieland Group has approx. 6,700 employees worldwide, 4,300 of them in Germany. The domestic plants (Wieland-Werke AG) are located in Ulm, Velbert-Langenberg, Villingen-Schwenningen and Vöhringen/Iller.