Hydrogen Practice


Hydrogen is regarded as the energy carrier of the future and is also steadily gaining in importance for the HVAC sector - especially in the context of the energy transition. Because with the proportional feed-in of hydrogen into the natural gas grid and the planning of hydrogen grids, new devices and components are being used. From planning and installation to maintenance and servicing, questions and new task spectrums arise.

The specialist forum "Hydrogen Practice in Dialogue" in Hall 2 offers HVAC stakeholders the opportunity to deal directly with developments in the hydrogen sector and to identify future fields of action.

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subject areas

  • Fields of application for hydrogen in the SHK sector
  • Devices and components: Adaptations and new developments
  • Hydrogen applications: Heating, mobility, supply, energy generation, storage
  • Materials: properties, composition, application and processing
  • Hydrogen infrastructure at neighbourhood and building level
  • Hydrogen/gas/electricity/heat sector coupling
  • Regulations, approvals and tests
  • State of the science

Participating exhibitors