SHK Education Congress

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Training and further training is a central theme of SHK ESSEN 2020 and the SHK NRW trade association will be offering a comprehensive supporting programme with multi-faceted topics for trade visitors on all days.

The new, two-day SHK Education Congress for further and advanced training on March 10th and 11th is only the start of an exciting series of events. On March 10th, the main topic is further education. On March 11th the subject of training will be addressed.

The practical requirements of digital further training will be the subject of discussion, as well as the necessary contents and methods of new offers for fitters, master craftsmen, technicians and business people. Training, on the other hand, is the groundbreaking topic of the second day, on March 11th. Provocative questions such as: "Are we still on the right track with our training contents" or "Which digital paths can training take?" are only two of many approaches that will be taken up on this day. Trainers and (vocational) school teachers will receive impulses for their teaching. For the first time, careers advisors, trainers, apprentice supervisors, teachers, training providers, universities and institutions will come together to exchange experiences and findings and to establish training networks.

Note: SHK ESSEN Programme 2020

Due to the new date of SHK ESSEN 2020 from September 1st to 4th, 2020, all programme items are currently being revised. We will make new contents, dates and documents available to you as soon as possible.

The program in the overview
Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 - Topic: Further training
01:00 pm
01:05 pm
Competence development in the TGA; Competencies versus knowledge
01:30 pm
Offers and providers of further education TGA (evaluation via quick poll)
02:00 pm
Requirements from practice for (digital) WB
03:00 pm
Forms of further education in the future "Further education 2030"
03:30 pm
Interface between education supply and demand
Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 - Topic: Training
10:00 am
10:05 am
Are we still correct with our training contents?
10:30 am
Training contents: Yesterday/today/tomorrow
11:00 am
Good training - in width or depth?
12:00 pm
How do I design quality-oriented training in the future?
12:30 pm
Electronic journeyman's examination