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Products and innovations

System M: Radically simple, simply versatile. The perfect system.

System M: Radically simple, simply versatile. The perfect system.

Modular, minimalist, made in Germany, made-to-measure - System M brings all these principles together. But what concrete benefit do you get from bringing System M into your home? There are five major advantages: design, operations, sound, efficiency and comfort. Each individual advantage is persuasive. But it’s when they come together that they create a unique overall solution, so extraordinary you’ll grow accustomed to this heating system from the very first day, and you’ll never want to do without it again.

For many heat pump manufacturers, it’s like a game of trumps: who has the highest efficiency rating? Who has the lowest decibel value for the outdoor unit? But with System M, that’s not how it plays. Starting with the individual modules, we put together systems that offer real advantages – to homeowners as much as to installation technicians.

For many people, a great big box with ventilation holes in it automatically looks too loud. Even when the heat pump isn’t running.

System M, on the other hand, achieves the perfect balance: small size, pared-back, intelligent design, with the greatest possible efficiency and lowest noise levels. At the same time, System M lets you enjoy a few superlatives, or increase the level of comfort as desired. Operating the system via the interface or app and its assembly by the installation technician are just as simple.

For each of these ingeniously combined total packages, the whole is more than the sum of its individual parts. It’s the combination which makes all the difference.

Company news

New business division “Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions”

New business division “Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions” globally focuses on cooling, heating and ventilation solutions. The globally operating Glen Dimplex Group from Dublin (Ireland) is broadening its worldwide growth opportunities and launches its new business division Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS).

Glen Dimplex Group, a world leader for electrical heating solutions, announced the formation of its new business division Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS), which will be headed by Jochen Engelke as CEO. The new business division GDTS bundles the Group’s expertise to develop innovative and efficient integrated system solutions for cooling, heating and ventilation of residential, commercial and industrial applications. GDTS embraces the Group’s subsidiaries in Kalamazoo (USA), Kulmbach (Germany) as well as Shenyang (China) with its renowned brands Dimplex, Riedel and Koolant Koolers and leverages more than 40 years of refrigeration experience with a global footprint in manufacturing and world-wide after-sales service network.

The newly formed business division will focus its innovation and engineering efforts on providing intelligent and integrated system solutions

  • to address the increasing needs of energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions for cooling and heating applications 
  • to support the decarbonization of our energy systems
  • to utilize the opportunities of digitization to enhance user experience 

GDTS will focus on broadening its product line-up of efficient cooling and chiller solutions for process cooling in commercial and industrial applications as well as efficient heat pump solutions to replace fossil fuel heating systems. All systems will be built with environmentally friendly refrigeration circuits powered by an efficient usage of electricity. "If we can cut CO2 emissions as much as possible in these areas and at the same time reduce costs, we will have achieved a great step towards reaching the global climate goals," says Jochen Engelke. More than 50% of Europe’s energy consumption is used for cooling and heating contributing to almost one third of the overall CO2 emissions.

Company profile

Founded in 1973, Glen Dimplex is a leading international group, the world's largest
manufacturer of electrical heating, and also holds significant global market positions in
domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation, and renewable energy solutions. Its business
division Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) globally focuses on system solutions for
cooling, heating and ventilation and embraces the brands Dimplex, Riedel and Koolant
Koolers. With its dynamic portfolio of leading brands and low carbon technologies the
Glen Dimplex Group is strategically positioned to meet the market challenges of