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Pellet fuelled condensing boiler PE1c Pellet with optional integrated electrostatic percipitator

Pellet fuelled condensing boiler PE1c Pellet with optional integrated electrostatic percipitator

The newly developed PE1c pellet-fuelled condensing boiler is fitted with innovative condensing technology as standard. This new technology ensures even higher efficiency and exceptionally quiet operation within a very compact design. In addition the new PE1c Pellet scores well for high convenience, low emissions and low power consumption.

Company profile

Froling: The big name in heating with wood and pellets
Innovative solutions with a capacity range from 7 to 1,000 kW

Froling is a pioneer in modern wood heating systems. The Froling signature is on many products from the groundbreaking invention of the firewood boiler with high‐temperature combustion over 20
years ago, from the wood chip burner with Lambda technology to the development of the internationally acclaimed pellet boiler. A wide variety of well‐known international quality awards underscores the ongoing success of the Austrian family company. These notably include innovation prizes in many European countries and the USA, such as the Energy Globe.

Convenient wood heating technology for all requirements

Right from the beginning, Froling has invested in efficient technology and convenient operation in its heating systems. The brand new S4 Turbo wood gasifier develops these properties to the full, even for wood chip boilers. Automatic heat‐up, efficiency, service life and ease of use make an unprecedented all‐round package that has been a global sales success for Froling. The recently developed SPDUAL is a perfect combination of the latest firewood technology with the convenience of a pellet system. The SP Dual has two separate combustion chambers for burning firewood and pellets. The firewood can be lit automatically at any time using the pellet burner. Once the firewood has burned down, the system automatically switches to pellet operation. If you only want to burn firewood at present, Froling offers a flexible solution for the future: the pellet unit can be added to the S4 Turbo firewood boiler with pellet flange at a later stage.

When it comes to wood chip burners, Froling offers the new T4e wood chip boiler, the Turbomat and the Lambdamat ‐ fully automatic systems for units from 20 kW to 1,500 kW. The scope of application is highly varied, ranging from farms to communal buildings, restaurants and hotels to the wood‐processing industry.

The fully automatic and convenient P4 Pellet boiler, PE1 Pellet and PE1c Pellet Froling also offers state‐of‐the‐art technology for the newest wood fuel. The boilers set new standards for energy efficiency. They take up only a small amount of space and all you have to do is unpack, connect, heat. A return temperature control is unnecessary, lowering operating costs. Together with the variable operation, this considerably reduces pellet consumption. Room air‐independent operation makes the fully automatic P4 an interesting option not just for renovation, but also for lowenergy houses, and it has countless possible applications. For outputs from 15 to 60 kW, the P4 Pellet is also available with innovative condensing boiler technology. The condensing boiler unit can also be retro‐fitted at any time.

A complete supplier for boiler room needs

As a company that develops its own products and produces them at its own factories in Austria and
Germany, Froling has the flexibility to focus on complete solutions. The company is a complete supplier for boiler room needs The innovative tank systems range from buffer storage tanks to hygienic hot water preparation and solar integration. Our extensive product range also includes a wide variety of fuel store feed/discharge systems.

Customer care from planning to servicing

The broad range of services provided by Froling is greatly valued by heating engineers, builders,
planners, architects and other engineers. No matter what your need, Froling offers a full advice,
planning, implementation and after‐care service. Experts from around the world take part in training
sessions at our training offices. Froling also offers a highly extensive customer service network.

Facts and figures:

Factories: Grieskirchen (AUT), Stritzing (AUT), Marzahna (GER)
Sales/training/competence centres: Grieskirchen (AUT), Munich (GER), Strasbourg (FRA), Bolzano
Staff: around 650
Export ratio: over 80 percent
Markets: Europe (our main market); USA; other distributors around the world

Contact details:
Froling Heizkessel‐ und Behälterbau GmbH
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Austria tel. +43 (0) 7248 6060
Germany tel. +49 (0) 89 927 926 0;